Electrolama is the trading name of Ordinatra Minima, a UK-based Embedded Systems Design, IoT and Electronics Manufacturing Consultancy.

Ordinatra Minima specializes in comprehensive hardware product development support, guiding projects from conception through to mass production. We offer expertise as your Founding or Part-time CTO, managing technical challenges and steering the development process, particularly for early-stage startups and new product ventures.

Our services encompass collaborative engineering and technical delivery, including Design for Manufacturing/Assembly (DFM/A) evaluations, architectural reviews, and development tasks to transform prototypes into products ready for manufacture. We also provide assistance with product compliance, certification, and the establishment of manufacturing tests.

Regardless of whether you represent an established company, a startup, or are working individually, Ordinatra Minima is equipped to customize our services to meet your requirements, ensuring your hardware product's successful market launch.

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