March 2021 Update

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Welcome to the March 2021 update from Electrolama, lots of exciting stuff happening so we'll dive straight in!

zzh stock update

After suffering massive transit delays, happy to announce that we will be releasing the first batch of new stock tomorrow (Saturday 6th 2021) at 6 PM GMT on Tindie. Click here for a timezone converter.

The good news is that we have enough stock to cover everyone on the Tindie waitlist, and more! We are, however, limited to how many packages we can ship per day so we will be releasing batches regularly, spread apart a few days. We will do this taking different timezones into account to give everyone a fair chance to grab boards as they become available.

If you miss out on a particular release, please give it a few more days and you will get another email about new stock arrival. We are manufacturing more boards as we speak and promise a steady supply, soon!

You might be wondering why we don’t accept orders immediately with a note stating that it will take a few days to ship orders if we have stock -- going with previous experience these kinds of notices are ignored and we end up with a significant number of “where is my package?” support tickets. This is our attempt at trying to keep things under control.

Updated docs - we need your opinion

We’ve revamped the documentation on and added a new “quick start” guide here, taking discussions and solutions to common problems from support tickets we received so far.

Help wanted: It is very difficult to cater to all skill levels and nearly-infinite hardware configuration permutations when writing technical documentation. Did you run into any issues not covered in these docs? Keen to hear your input, especially if you are a macOS and/or ZHA user. Send us an email with your comments: [email protected]. We'll also happily merge pull requests sent to the docs repo :-) Thanks!

New project: zoe2

zoe2 is a new Raspberry Pi addon that gives you a CC1352P radio, RTC for offline timekeeping and PoE power. You can read more about it on the project page here

This design is currently going through its DFM review and we are planning the initial production batch to happen within March. It will come in two flavours:

Please join the waitlist on the corresponding product pages if you’re interested so we can establish initial demand (and manufacture enough stock!)

...which links us nicely to:

New Shop

Electrolama Shop is a work in progress and will start taking orders soon. Using it to gauge interest in zoe2 at the moment and will do a proper introduction when it’s fully live!